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      Balham Carpet Cleaning Firm's work was remarkable! We never anticipated that our area could be cleaned to such a great standard; their attention to detail made it happen.
Lucy Huw07/02/2023
     I'm a landlord and BalhamCarpetCleaners do all of my end of tenancy cleaning, even when the tenants have done it themself, I always call in the team to give it a final cleaning blast. They make the property look good as new every time.
Kenny Hale19/05/2020
     The cleaners from Balham Cleaners were so efficient and pleasant to be around. They even shared a few tips for me in keeping my home clean in the future! I will recommend them to anyone I come in contact!
Mary D.19/09/2019
     The guys at Balham Carpet Cleaning Firm were really great. Polite and fast. I'd definitely use their cleaning service again!
     My partner just surprised me with a spring cleaning from Carpet Cleaners Balham! My house looks so pretty, I can't wait to mess it up and show it off with my next dinner party!
J. Fitzgerald28/07/2017
     An unfortunate accident last month left our kitchen full of stains and marks. We hired Carpet Cleaners Balham to work on it. This company's kitchen cleaning packages are easy on the pocket and highly effective. There are now no traces of any stains around my kitchen. I must say that you have a team of very skilled and efficient cleaners.
Delilah S.19/08/2015
     I can't say enough about the top quality of performance delivered by the cleaners at BalhamCarpetCleaners who swept in after my husband and I threw a lavish Christmas party at home and together, with all the right tools and equipment, got our house spick and span in one morning! The rates were so reasonable and we didn't have to supply any cleaning materials. All we did was instruct the cleaners on what to do and they took care of the rest. Brilliant service! Thanks guys!
     When my mother sold her house last year quite a lot of cleaning had to be done as she was quite frail and couldn't do it herself. We had to get it done when everything had been moved to the new apartment she now lives in and because of that I wanted a cleaning company who were able to come out at short notice. BalhamCarpetCleaners were available instantly and did a very good job of cleaning the place from top to bottom. Their cleaners were able to bring with them a trolley full of cleaning products which meant they could clean anything and everything.
Amy R.14/11/2014
     I have all manner of guests come to stay in my cosy little hotel, and all of them comment on how clean my carpets are. I understand the need for carpets, like the rest of the hotel, to be warm and welcoming, and snug, which is why I call up BalhamCarpetCleaners and get them to come and do my carpets at least once a month. I'm consistently impressed by the high level of service that the cleaners provide me with, and I always feel like I've gotten a good deal, due to their incredibly competitive pricing as well! Everyone's a winner!
Dave T.04/09/2014
     I've had a bad back for a while now, and it's got to the point where stretching up to high places is basically impossible. So, I got in touch with BalhamCarpetCleaners, to see if they could give me a hand with the cleaning. I wasn't disappointed with the results - the cleaner they sent over was more than up to the task, and my home ended up looking spectacular. It feels as if a great weight has been lifted off my mind and body, and now I can relax. Thanks a lot, and I look forward to hiring with you again!
     I would certainly recommend anybody needing to hire a trustworthy and efficient cleaning company to get in touch with BalhamCarpetCleaners. I have just had a spring clean service on my new home as it was left in a state. The work the cleaners did was thorough and they covered every little detail. They spent all day scrubbing, polishing, rinsing, vacuuming and mopping. Attention was paid to all areas including, light switches, cupboard tops and chandeliers. The results were fantastic and the place was left immaculately clean and smelling fresh. The price was fair too. I will certainly use this company again in the future.
Kaitlin Neeld24/07/2014
     Where would I be without BalhamCarpetCleaners's oven cleaning service?! This oven cleaning service is the best one that I've tried, and I've used lots of cleaning companies in the past. The cleaners here are very friendly and incredibly professional, and if I didn't know better I'd say I'd been given an entirely new oven! There are simply no food stains that these cleaners can't help you with, and the difference that a professional clean can make is simply amazing. I'm over the moon with this service and I'll definitely be calling and hiring cleaners from here again - thank you so much!
Emily F.08/07/2014
     I had struggled to keep my home clean by myself as I am every busy. I can't stand messy homes so I decided to call BalhamCarpetCleaners. They were able to do everything I needed, from vacuuming the floors, sorting items, throwing away litter, dusting, polishing and more. A professional cleaner now comes to my home twice a week and after they leave it looks great. She works hard and I can trust her to work when I'm not there, so I can return home later to a clean home. I will recommend them to anyone who wants an expert cleaning service.
Adam Parker20/06/2014
     In all honesty, it is rare that I write nice things about people or anything on the internet, but I have been using BalhamCarpetCleaners for some time now and I really do feel like they deserve some endorsement from me! I use them every week to clean my flat, and they do an excellent job every single time. I wasn't that in to the idea of having people in the house at first, but of course those fears were mislaid when I met the people that have been cleaning the place. Everyone is great, and the cleaning service is spot on as well, so a great many thanks to all of them!
P. Walker14/05/2014
     All of my friends use professional cleaners in their homes, but it was never something that I thought I would be able to afford. I love having a clean house, and I was definitely jealous of how clean my friends' houses were! When I heard about BalhamCarpetCleaners I was really surprised to find them well within my budget, and I hired a cleaner straight away. I wasn't expecting much for the price, but I was proven very, very wrong! The job was completed quickly and to a very high standard, in fact, I think my house is the cleanest of all of my friends now!
Dina R.17/04/2014
     Cleaning companies are ten a penny these days, but I really needed a cleaner that I could trust. I've always been a private person, and I really didn't relish the idea of having people I didn't know in my house! I spoke to BalhamCarpetCleaners after seeing some good reception online, and the person that I chatted to listened to all my worries and put me right at ease. I was a bit nervous on the day, but the cleaner was really very lovely and understanding. My house was very, very clean once she'd finished, and I was very happy with my experience! Great customer service - thanks!
Eileen D.25/02/2014
     I'm sure others out there will understand me when I say that admitting defeat and getting a cleaner in is a huge relief! BalhamCarpetCleaners recently started helping me out one day a week, and it has made life so much easier. Trying to sort work and kids as well as house work is pretty tiring, and having someone ease the pressure has been great. I get on well with those who clean for us, and they charge a very fair rate for an excellent level of cleaning. Even my husband has remarked on how much cleaner the house is, as well as how much more relaxed I am! If that's not reason enough then I don't know what is!
Marie Turner07/01/2014
     In our house we have a selection of upholstery, and they range in fabric type etc which can make choosing the right products to clean them a complete nightmare. Having ruined an armchair with my hastiness in the past, I now leave the upholstery cleaning to BalhamCarpetCleaners. They come round as required and bring each and every piece of upholstery back to life in a way that I never could, even if I did know what products to use! They work quickly and efficiently and the results are second to none. I would recommend to anyone.
S. Ferguson02/12/2013